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Wide selection of tutors who display exceptional passion and dedication to your child learning journey. Our tutor network includes MOE certified teachers, graduate students, and professionals with Masters Degrees and Ph.D.’s


Understanding that each student has different needs and we want to source the best and most suitable tutors to get the best results for you.


We never compromise on integrity when providing our services. Our parents and tutors trust us, and we will continue to honour your expectations.

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Unsure of what to pay? At Learning Grounds, you can be sure that you can find quality tutors that are within your budget.

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Levels that are offered include Primary (PSLE Tuition), Secondary ( N-Level & O-Level Tuition), Junior College (A-Level)

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Subject offered include Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Accounting, English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Social Studies, History, Geography, Literature, Economics

Harith Najimudin
Material Engineering

Hi, I am Harith and I’ve been
tutoring for 12 years. I am a
former geotechnical engineer, with
a degree in Materials Engineering
from NTU. I am a MOE-registered
academic trainer in primary and
secondary schools, and am very
active in the educational
enrichment landscape in Singapore

Linda Lum
National University of Singapore

I am Linda and I have been tutoring for 15 years. I hold a BBA from National University of Singapore and a MBA from University of Surrey, UK. I am also a WSQ Adult Trainer and conduct adult training for corporations. I teach English and Chinese at all levels, as well as Marketing, Management and networking.

Pooja Gelwar
Nanyang Technical University 

Hello! I am Pooja and I am currently
pursuing a Mathematical Science
degree in NTU. I have been tutoring
Mathematics at the Primary
and Secondary level for 4 years.
I prepare topical revision worksheets
every 2-4 weeks to gauge how well
my students understand the topics
I’ve taught.

Ang Wei Xiang

Hello I am Wei Xiang! I am currently studying Philosophy at NTU under the University Scholar’s Programme. I graduated from NJC and attained all distinctions for A Levels. I have worked as a Math tutor in a tuition centre teaching primary school mathematics. I have taught English privately to two primary school students.